Our cameras use advanced technology to identify crime as it happens.


What are Video Analytics?
Using VCA (Video Content Analysis), our analytics gather real-time data which is used to allow for better detection and coverage of threats, as well as provide earlier warning and instant verification other systems don’t provide.

TriCorps Surveillance has state-of-the-art analytics that allow us to set up rules and monitor your cameras based off pre-determined criteria. Our event based monitoring assures that each and every event on your property is properly responded to.


Our Capabilities

The analytic allows our clients and command center operators to be alerted on a number of “rule” based alarms, which are customized based on the client’s needs. These include:

  • Presence Monitoring: Set parameters on movement within the camera view and be alerted of anything unusual
  • Enter/Exit Monitoring: Monitor in real-time each entrance and exit of your facility
  • Perimeter Monitoring: Continuous real-time surveillance of physical or virtual boundaries
  • Audio Intervention: Provides the ability for our command center staff to intervene on a situation thousands of miles away.
  • Snap Shot Audit: Ability to schedule times to capture snap shots for video audits
  • Audio/Video Marketing: Pre-recorded announcements or reminders
  • Counting/Accounting: Count movement across a point and keep accurate accounting of occupancy
  • Customer Track Analysis: Monitor traffic flow patterns and detect traffic against the normal flow
  • Restricted Area: Receive alerts when there is traffic in restricted areas
  • Employee Behavior Monitoring: Assure employees are properly using their time by monitoring of actions and interactions with others
  • Owner Audit Reporting: Report available that provides your event history, as well as the actions taken by operators

All of our clients can conveniently view their cameras from a mobile app.

Command Center Platform

Using our state-of-the-art Command Center, we watch your assets when you can't.

Command Center Solutions
  • Video Monitoring: Real-time response to events
  • Virtual Guard Tours: Ability to schedule virtual tours at a pre-scheduled interval
  • Remote Access Control: Controlling your systems from our central station
  • Audio Talk Downs: Ability to remotely communicate with anyone on site 24/7
  • Virtual Escorts: Observation of employees departing premises to assure safety of employees and assets
  • Unattended Delivery: Assure your package makes it where it needs to go when you’re not there

Our platform has the capability to:

  • Organizes and manages unlimited monitoring activities into a single platform
  • Integrates with over 350 security products including Video, Access Control, IP Audio, GPS.
  •  Delivers controls of all devices to operators in a single, simple to use interface.
  •  Works alongside your existing Automation System to associate traditional alarms with video
  • Increases efficiency by allowing operators to manage security events, rather multiple software products.