2.2 Billion Passwords Have Been Leaked. Here Are Some Things You Can Do.

2.2 Billion. It’s a staggering number. It also happens to be the number of usernames and associated passwords cobbled together and being freely distributed on hacker forums and torrents in the biggest aggregation of leaked credentials ever. As WIRED writer Andy Greenberg appropriately mused, the dump is like “throwing out the private data of a…

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Protect Your Email Inbox: Guarding Cybersecurity’s Greatest Treasure

There is a battlefield, and it exists inside every organization, in fact, inside nearly every device. This war is waged within the email inbox. The defenders of this battlefield are your employees. They are protecting this sacred ground from faceless attackers who daily have their sights set on malice. And in many respects, these faceless…

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The Art of Deception

Last week I posted an ad on Craigslist, and within a few minutes, I had a bite. I received a text from an out-of-state phone number, and the sender wrote that he wanted to call me via a Google voice number. The sender, who we will refer to as “he,” mentioned a text would come…

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