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Thieves Compromise Garage Wall

In May of this year, thieves cut through a garage wall at a trucking business to steal a truck in Oklahoma City. With the presence of physical security, the thieves might have been deterred, or with the use of cameras like the ones TriCorps Surveillance now offers, our command center operators could have been providing […]

Franklin Regional High School Assailant to be Charged as Adult

Franklin Regional High School assailant, Alex Hribal, will be charged as an adult for his stabbing rampage on April 9, 2014. Hribal injured more than 20 people before he was apprehended by assistant principal Sam King. One of the injured was a security officer. Read the full story here.

Complacency Undermining Security

From oil fields, to corporate buildings and even to trucking yards, each site presents its own security challenges and preconceived ideas toward security among management. Are your assets as protected as they could be? What are the obstacles to obtaining/maintaining security for your business? Read the full story here.

Privately-Funded Neighborhood Security on the Rise

Due to budgetary reasons, some cities are forced to lay off police officers. Some residents have decided to contract private security to make up for lack of patrols in their neighborhood. Read the full story here.

One Dead in Arizona Office Shooting

Arthur Douglas Harmon allegedly opened fire in an office complex in north-central Phoenix after a mediation session. This was believed to be a targeted shooting leaving two injured and one. Read the full story here.