Our efforts are focused on safeguarding your employees, property, information and assets by managing and mitigating security risks. This is the essence of security in today’s unsettled times.


On each job we strive to:

  • Maintains a strong liaison with relevant local law enforcement, regulatory agencies and professional organizations for assistance if and when the need arises.
  • Help develop and maintain security related policies, procedures, standards and guidelines to assist your company’s decision makers in improving protections and reducing potential security threats.
  • Partner with our client’s Operational Support team to provide a cost effective solution for access control, monitoring, protection, and surveillance of locations and facilities.
  • Provides an effective process for reporting security incidents and violations and conducts timely investigations of complaints.
  • Use electronic log-in and log-out to make site management easy on our clients

Securing What’s Important to You

Industry Applications

No matter your industry, one of our solutions can be deployed to meet your needs.

  • Monitor lobby and provide a physical presence
  • Assist staff with opening and closing of facility and protection of funds
  • Added safety and feeling of security for customers and employees
  • ATM security escorts
  • 24/7 surveillance for HQ, data centers, branches, and ATMs
  • Branch customer flow and queue analysis
  • ATM solutions for loitering, left object (skimmer), and consumer safety
  • Centralized branch and remote ATM monitoring and alerting solution

  • Leverage single investment for physical security, gaming security, customer service monitoring, and business intelligence purposes
  • More effective roving security force with real-time alert access
  • Expose useful traffic path data

  • Manage flow of personnel through the building
  • Electronic check-in and check-out system to manage visitors
  • Workplace violence training and planning
  • Security escorts
  • Termination assistance
  • Real-time, centralized alerting for campus environments
  • Identify “tailgating” situations with integration to access control systems
  • Ongoing data collection for building/space usage
  • More effective use of lighting and HVAC with improved visual occupancy data

  • Electronic check-in and check-out system, always know who is on site
  • Quick response to keep pace with movement of sites
  • Vehicle inspections on entry and exit
  • Experienced crew that understands the oilfield environment
  • Identify theft as it happens

  • Provide high profile security patrols
  • Welfare checks for residence
  • Develop personal relationships to encourage cooperation

  • Around the clock store entrance, loading dock and total security solution
  • Store and floor traffic modeling—untapped business intelligence potential
  • Product placement and promotion effectiveness through dwell time analysis
  • Correlation with POS data for conversion rates and loss prevention solutions

  • Real-time detection of critical threat situations
  • Enable more effective and responsive security and public safety solution
  • Manage queues for tickets, security checkpoints, escalators, etc.
  • Identify congestion and other traffic anomalies for intersections, bridges, tunnels

  • Protection of assets when personnel is off-site
  • Security escorts for employees
  • Workplace violence training and planning
  • Termination assistance