ThermaScan™ Screening Station II

TriCorps understands that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the nature of how business, and nearly everything else, will be done as we move forward. As many offices, buildings, schools, and campuses progressively prepare to restore their operations into a new normalcy, adding an extra layer of safety and security will help better protect your facilities, your data, and your people. 

TriCorps has partnered with Mobotix Inc., a German-based video surveillance software and hardware company, to provide an innovative temperature screening camera. The Mobotix M16 series camera offers both visible and thermal technology in a single camera housing, with interchangeable lenses to offer optimal flexibility.  This solution provides audible and visible alerts, can email or text managers if a person’s temperature exceeds the set thresholds and integrates with all major video management systems. Additionally, the M16 camera can be repurposed (post-COVID) to serve as an interior or exterior surveillance camera, so you’re not stuck with a paperweight if temperature screenings become a thing of the past.

To help meet the increasing demand for thermal screening technology, TriCorps is proud to introduce the ThermaScan™ Screening Station II. This turn-key solution integrates the Mobotix camera solution and requires minimal on-site assembly.  With this easy-to-use station, you can add an additional thermal screening layer to safely view and communicate with everyone trying to gain entrance to your facility.  

The ThermaScan™ Screening Station II is made up of the following components:

  • Mobotix M16 Camera Bundle
    • Thermal Lens
    • 6MP Visible Lens
  • Mobotix Ext. I/O Module
    • Microphone
    • Speaker
    • Motion Detector
    • Ambient Temperature Sensor
  • Commercial-grade Mobile Cart
  • 32″ HD Monitor
  • 5-Port PoE Switch
  • 5-outlet Power Supply
  • 100′ Pre-terminated CAT-6 
  • Equipment Enclosure
  • Camera Mounting Plate

The only other item you would need is the video management license for your existing systems to bolster your thermal and visual camera integration. Making the ThermaScan™ Screening Station II a simple solution to a complicated situation.

The ThermaScan™ Screening Station II has both lease and purchase options.  For additional information, please contact your local TriCorps representative, email us at [email protected] or contact us by phone at (405) 621-9006.

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