• TriCorps Security has given me the opportunity to work for a professional company that provides a valuable service to the customers we serve and the community we live in. I consider myself lucky to have such a great paying job and am proud to say I work for TriCorps.

    New York Employee
  • Through the years, TriCorps Security has become a trusted and reliable source to meet our security needs anywhere in the country. They consistently respond throughout the United States with high standards of professionalism and customer care.

    Chesapeake Energy Corporation
  • In over 40 years in the practice of law, including eight years as Oklahoma Attorney General, I have worked with hundreds of investigators. Their successful and thorough investigations, as well as their professional security services make them a tremendous asset. I have been extremely pleased with their quick response and genuine concern for their clients' needs.

    LARRY DERRYBERRY, Former Oklahoma Attorney General
  • David Ross and TriCorps have always been a dependable, professional organization that provides an above average product for the corporate security world. We have been very pleased with their commitment to quality work and their user friendly business model. As long as TriCorps is in the security business, we will continue to use their services.

    Director of Corporate Security, Sandridge Energy
  • TriCorps Security is a professional, dependable and trusted partner that consistently meets our needs. TriCorps has raised the standard as a corporate security provider and continues to deliver a sophisticated, high-level product to our organization.

    Corporate Security Manager, Continental Resources
  • Working with TriCorps Security is a very exciting experience and offers great pay. I have had the opportunity to work in several different jobs on site - from corporate office buildings, field sites and operating security vehicles. TriCorps operates like a law enforcement agency, which I am accustomed too. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with a well structured security agency.

    Louisiana Employee
  • It has been a great experience working with TriCorps – one of the best companies I’ve worked with. Everyone is positive, and everyone I work with enjoys working with TriCorps. I’ve never heard anything negative about TriCorps. The Texas and Oklahoma City main office staff are all great, and I hope we’re not going anywhere anytime soon, because I’d like to continue working with TriCorps for quite a while.

    Texas Employee
  • Working with TriCorps Security has been a great experience for my career. All of my fellow workers, along with the area coordinators, are extremely professional, and are a pleasure to work with. TriCorps Security has always offered exceptional security sites to work at, and provide outstanding compensation to their employees.

    Oklahoma Employee
  • TriCorps has been a tremendous strategic partner in securing Devon Energy assets. Using sound security practices and highly trained professional staff, TriCorps has clearly demonstrated its commitment to excellence.

    Director of Corporate Security, Devon Energy
  • With all of the security companies advertising today, one wonders who can and will do the job to protect your home and family. When we first signed on with TriCorps, we could immediately sense this was not your normal security system. Margaret and I have been totally impressed with the quick notification anytime an unauthorized person is suspected of entering our premises. This is the best money ever spent for total peace of mind. As far as we are concerned, TriCorps represents the ultimate in any level of security your home or business may need.

    Bob Mills, Bob Mills Furniture