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All current employees need access to eHub to view their upcoming schedule, review and verify time worked prior to receiving a paycheck, access healthcare information, and prepare incident reports.

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Employee of the Month

Kasia B. – Florida

September 2018

In late September, Kasia was conducting patrols at her post at a marina. Through heavy storms and rainfall, she observed that one of the docked vessels appeared to be sinking. Kasia called the site manager and immediately took action, hand bailing water out of the ship to keep it from becoming completely submerged. That night, Kasia and the site manager worked together to save three 20+ foot vessels from sinking. We are thankful to have you on our team, Kasia! Congratulations on being named employee of the month.


We Can’t Do This Without You: Keeping TriCorps Safe in Cyberspace

YOU can single-handedly sink this company. You can. This is not an exaggeration. Let’s go to the big board. IBM reports that it is more likely you will experience a data breach of at least ten thousand records (27.9%) than catch the flu (5-20%). The average cost of a data breach is a whopping $3.86 million. Over three quarters of all breaches are caused by human error. Meaning you are our greatest asset, or vulnerability, in cyberspace.. click here to read more…