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New Employee Checklist:

If you are a new employee, we have four simple steps that will help you get everything you need to get started with TriCorps!

  • Get hired. Track the status of your application through Kwantek.
  • Complete all paperwork on the Efficient Forms website. This includes entering your employee information and reviewing and signing company policies. You’ll also be required to submit ID’s, direct deposit information, and your security license
  • Receive Your Confirmation Email: You should receive email notification once approved. This email will include information on how to access your eHub Employee Portal.
  • Get acquainted with the eHub. Login to eHub here. Confirm all your information in eHub is correct. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our corporate office.

Employees of the Month

Roland R. & Martin G.

December 2022


Roland R. – Houston, TX

On December 7, 2022, at approximately 0938 hours, Roland arrived at a bank to meet with an NCR Technician conducting repairs on their outside ATM.

Upon arrival, the tech advised Roland of a male standing near a tree next to the bank. The male was now walking towards a store nearby. Roland observed the male walking across the street and noticed he was wearing a dark-colored hoodie with the hood worn over his head and black sweatpants.

As the tech continued working on the ATM, Roland walked towards him when two males with assault rifles rushed towards them with their rifles pointed in their direction.

Roland used his arm to push the weapons away, and the two armed males ran with their rifles still in hand. Roland glanced at the tech to make sure he was safe. In fear for their safety, he fired a round at one of the subjects.

Roland went towards the corner of the bank and observed a light-colored minivan traveling from the area the men went towards. The driver was the only occupant visible. The van traveled towards the back of the store, and Roland lost sight of them.

Roland remained calm under pressure. His alertness and action prevented a robbery that could have ended with a loss of life. The client was very thankful and appreciative that Roland was there. The tech was not harmed, and Roland reported minor injuries to his left arm caused by the gun sights of their rifles. Great work, Roland!


Martin G. – El Paso, TX

On December 24, 2022, at about 1950 hours, a male walked into the El Paso Sun Metro-Downtown Terminal lobby and went up to Martin. The male was intoxicated and upset because a bus operator had removed him from the bus. Later it was found that the male had started a fight with migrants on the bus. The male insisted that Martin help him by allowing him to board another bus. Martin tried to explain to him the Sun Metro rules of conduct on the buses. The male became more upset and started to get verbally aggressive toward Martin, who was with another officer on duty. The male continued to harass both officers verbally. Martin felt like the male would attack him, so he deployed his OC spray at the male to take control of the situation. The male fell to the floor, and Martin attempted to handcuff him. The male fought with Martin on the floor and tried biting his thumb. After a struggle with the male, Martin managed to handcuff the male. Martin stood him up and put him against the wall to wait for assistance from El Paso Police. The male then swung around and scratched Martin’s face to try and get away. Martin placed the male on the floor again, and the male bit his thumb. Martin was finally able to restrain him and wait for the police. Martin suffered injuries on his face, thumb, and head. Due to Martin’s actions, he was able to prevent this violent person from being able to harm Sun Metro customers. Great work, Martin!




Customer Service: Simple Ways to Stand Out

By Sarah Burrows, Chief Marketing Officer

Quality customer service is easy to achieve in the security industry, where it is unfortunately not the standard. Too often in the security industry, we see companies take a reactive approach when they experience a customer service failure instead of being proactive in preventing these issues from ever occurring. We’ll go through three simple ways you can stand out and provide quality customer service.  

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