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All current employees need access to eHub to view their upcoming schedule, review and verify time worked prior to receiving a paycheck, access healthcare information, and prepare incident reports.

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Employee of the Month

Eugene B. -Washington, DC

March 2021

Eugene started his career with TriCorps Security in May of 2019. As an Associate Pastor at his local church, he understands the key principles of both our client and TriCorps Security. Eugene takes great pride in his personal appearance, and it shows through his consistently impeccable uniform.

Since Eugene started with TriCorps, he has excelled at each post he has worked. Eugene always has a great attitude and is always wearing a smile. He is always willing to assist both with covering open posts as well as mentoring new officers.

For these reasons, in October 2020, the managers in Washington, DC decided to promote Eugene to Corporal’s rank. Eugene has since taken on the role with great pride. The client has noticed significant improvements to both the morale and the security force altogether with the implementation of the new Corporal position and Eugene’s addition to the Supervisory Team. Great work, Eugene!



Managing Fatigue

Joey Bezio, Corporate HSE Manager

Fatigue is defined as extreme tiredness that results in mental and/or physical exhaustion and can hinder an employee’s ability to perform work safely and effectively. Fatigue in the workplace not only impacts a workers’ mental and physical health, but it can also impact the safety of those around them, as well as their capacity to function. Its side‐effects include decreased performance and productivity and an increase in the potential for errors in judgement, which may result in injuries. Read more…