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All current employees need access to eHub to view their upcoming schedule, review and verify time worked prior to receiving a paycheck, access healthcare information, and prepare incident reports.

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Employee of the Month

Jeremy W. – Texas

August 2019

While on duty at a client’s construction location, Jeremy started his third nightly round and noticed movement in a vehicle in the front employee parking area. Once the individuals realized Jeremy saw them, one individual exited the vehicle, got into a second vehicle and left the parking lot through the electric gate. Since this area is protected electronically, TriCorps reported the incident to the client, and the client checked all card entries after normal business hours.

After a short investigation it was revealed that the employee had been using company property as a location for secure personal meetings, resulting in trespassing charges.

Thank you, Jeremy, for your attention to detail and service to others. Congratulations on being named employee of the month!


Having a Heart for Service

Hiring employees who are customer-centric is vital to any organization that wants to exceed customer expectations. Employee actions need to be genuine—because delivering service is not just about what people do, but how they do it. The combination of hiring great people who want to provide great customer service with the training that enables them to do so in the service moment can be a powerful formula for continued success.  

– Bruce Jones, Senior Cast Development Director, Disney Institute 

We at TriCorps understand that world-class customer service goes beyond simply showing up. We know that we must be intentional in everything we do and say, we have to look professional and sharp, and we have to remember our core principles (brand promises) in order to consistently deliver excellent service.

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