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New Hire Checklist:

If you are a new hire, we have four simple steps that will help you get everything you need to get started with TriCorps!

  • Get hired. Track the status of your application through Kwantek.
  • Complete all paperwork on the Efficient Forms website. This includes entering your employee information and reviewing and signing company policies. You’ll also be required to submit ID’s, direct deposit information, and your security license
  • Receive Your Confirmation Email: You should receive email notification once approved. This email will include information on how to access your eHub Employee Portal.
  • Get acquainted with the eHub. Login to eHub here. Confirm all your information in eHub is correct. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our corporate office.

Employee of the Month

Ty B. – Texas
March 2022

While performing his standard rounds, Ty happened across a trailer left near our client’s entrance. Although it isn’t uncommon for equipment or vehicles to be left in the area like this, Ty noticed that this particular piece of equipment did not match the normal condition and look of equipment we’re used to seeing with this client. Ty decided to contact our client to confirm if the equipment belonged to them. It was confirmed that the equipment did not, so local law enforcement was brought in, and it was discovered that the trailer had been stolen from a local dealership and abandoned at our client’s location. This quality of work keeps TriCorps top of mind with clients, and we are proud of the people like Ty, who represent us well. Excellent job, Ty!



Tips For Severe Weather Safety

By Joey Bezio, QHSE Manager

At TriCorps, one of our guiding principles is to do our work with Spring is here, which means we must get ready for severe weather events across the country. Consequently, it is important that you revise your normal routine to include checking the weather in your area throughout the day. If you haven’t done it already…

Do You Need Security?

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