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All current employees need access to eHub to view their upcoming schedule, review and verify time worked prior to receiving a paycheck, access healthcare information, and prepare incident reports.

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Employee of the Month

Chris M, Oklahoma City, OK

August 2021

Security Officer Chris M. was on shift when he received a phone call from a facilities manager of an emergency needing assistance immediately. A contract worker for the client was found on the ground unconscious, laying face up with eyes rolled back, and did not appear to be breathing. The individual was unresponsive. Chris began CPR chest compressions while the facilities manager went to find the nearest AED while on the phone with an emergency services medical professional. Chris was able to speed up chest compressions as the medical professional suggested. Chris then asked a facilities technician to grab a knife to cut the individual’s clothing to expose his chest area. The facilities manager opened the CPR D-Pad as Chris maintained compressions.  

Soon after, the individual began to respond and breathe. Finally, color began to come back into his face; he opened his eyes and appeared to be confused. Soon after, EMS arrived and took over, placing the individual into an ambulance. Within a few minutes, the individual declined further medical assistance from EMS and thanked security and the facilities team members for assisting him.  Chris then handed out water to the rest of the contract workers. A co-worker and witness then took the individual offsite to receive medical attention.

It is for this heroic act of leadership Chris M. is the TriCorps Employee of the Month!


Managing Fatigue

Joey Bezio, Corporate HSE Manager

It is a fact that an officer will experience an injury on the job at some point in time. Consequently, it is essential to know and understand some basic guidelines for administering first aid to oneself or an injured coworker. This article identifies important first aid practices that you need to remember.

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