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New Employee Checklist:

If you are a new employee, we have four simple steps that will help you get everything you need to get started with TriCorps!

  • Get hired. Track the status of your application through Kwantek.
  • Complete all paperwork on the Efficient Forms website. This includes entering your employee information and reviewing and signing company policies. You’ll also be required to submit ID’s, direct deposit information, and your security license
  • Receive Your Confirmation Email: You should receive email notification once approved. This email will include information on how to access your eHub Employee Portal.
  • Get acquainted with the eHub. Login to eHub here. Confirm all your information in eHub is correct. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our corporate office.

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Employee of the Month

Nathan H. – Oklahoma City

Nathan has been working with the TriCorps family for over 10 months and is an outstanding officer in many ways. On August 10, 2023, at 11:05 p.m., TriCorps security officer Nathan H. was on patrol, checking the facilities across a park in Downtown OKC, making sure all doors were locked. While doing so, he overheard two groups arguing on the street. Nathan’s attention was drawn to the predominantly more aggressive group when one of its members brandished a firearm and proceeded to fire two shots in the air. As soon as Officer Nathan H. spotted a man holding a weapon, he quickly halted his cart and demanded that the man put down the weapon. The gunman was accompanied by four individuals from his group, who were all standing near their vehicle. The gunman then shifted his focus to a black sedan that belonged to the opposing group involved in the argument. Nathan issued two more orders to drop the weapon, causing a brief delay that allowed the opposing group enough time to leave the area. The gunman and his four partners got into their vehicle and fled in the same direction as the other group. Immediately following the altercation, Nathan contacted Oklahoma City police and provided details on the last known direction of travel before securing the area where the firearm was discharged. The courage and discipline of Officer Nathan H. to assess the situation under immense stress, taking into account the potential loss of life from those around the gunman and remaining mindful of innocent bystanders, is what ultimately led to his decision to not engage the shooter. His commitment to ensuring the safety of the client, the client’s property, and the guests who visit the park exemplifies the TriCorps spirit.






First Aid for Security Officers

By Joey Bezio, Corporate QHSE Manager

It is a fact that an officer will experience an injury on the job at some point in time. Consequently, it is essential to know and understand some basic guidelines for administering first aid to oneself or an injured coworker. This article identifies important first aid practices that you need to remember.

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