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Employee of the Month

Georges A. – Florida

October 2020

While conducting a vehicle patrol, Georges observed a man with no clothing except a pair of boxer shorts, acting suspiciously. After monitoring this individual’s behavior for a few minutes, he called the non-emergency phone number for the local county sheriff’s office and provided the details of his observation.

While keeping an open line of communication with the sherriff’s’ office using his earpiece, Georges approached the suspect, at which time he noticed the suspect was wearing a GPS ankle monitoring device. The suspect initiated a conversation by asking Georges for a ride, saying he had been in a fight with his girlfriend, and she threw him out of the car. A dispatcher informed Georges to remain safe and continue to monitor the suspect, adding that several units were on the way. Georges was able to engage the suspect until the police arrived.

The suspect was apprehended. A detective thanked Georges for his assistance, saying that the suspect is wanted in connection with a stabbing that happened approximately 30 minutes prior to Georges’ call. Detectives reported that they found his discarded clothing elsewhere. Andre’s excellent observation skills and his dedication to duty enabled the county sherriff’s office to arrest a felon who had the audacity to commit a serious crime while on a monitoring bracelet.



TriCorps’ Cultural Values

Sarah Burrows, Director of Ministry, Marketing & Customer Service

Knowing your organization’s cultural values is a critical component of providing excellent customer service. If you understand how to provide excellent service, you can deliver it to clients.

At TriCorps, we believe in three key principles that shape our culture and ensure that we’re delivering world-class service. You may have been a part of training where you’ve heard these discussed or may have heard them from your supervisor. Read more…