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All current employees need access to eHub to view their upcoming schedule, review and verify time worked prior to receiving a paycheck, access healthcare information, and prepare incident reports.

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Employee of the Month

Aaron W. and Casey J. – Texas

October 2019

Aaron and Casey were assigned to roving patrol when they noticed a large ball of smoke in the distance and went to investigate. When they arrived on scene, they saw a wreck between an 18 wheeler and a pickup truck. They immediately called 911 and checked on the drivers, finding one of them to be severely injured. Aaron and Casey assisted medical personnel and subsequently assisted the sheriff’s department blocking off both sides of traffic so that Medevac could air lift the injured man to the hospital and firefighters could extinguish the vehicle that was on fire.

Thank you, Aaron and Casey, for your quick action and service to others. Congratulations on being named employees of the month!


A Security Officer’s Role in Electronic Access Control

Access control is a vital component for safety in the workplace, however, it can be hard to achieve in an open environment designed to be inviting and easily accessible to employees and customers. Violations of access control can take the forms of tailgating and piggybacking.

Tailgating occurs when an unauthorized person slips in through a door before it closes. Piggybacking occurs when an authorized person allows someone to follow them through a door to a secure area. Both practices are breaches of security which have the potential to expose a workplace to a variety of threats.

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