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In order to help organizations defend themselves from a growing amount of cybersecurity threats, we have blended the talents of our law enforcement and technology experts to provide organizations with cybersecurity solutions that are unmatched in the industry. Through our risk assessment, employee training, and internal and external assessments, we can identify the gaps within your organization and create strategic plans to get your company on the right track. Through our digital forensics, incident management, and remediation planning, we can ensure that when a security incident does occur, we can equip your organization with the tools needed to recover successfully.

Cybersecurity Services

Internal Cybersecurity Assessments

Our internal cybersecurity assessment consists of reviewing and reporting on aspects within your digital domain such as access controls, malware detection, physical security, wireless configuration, mobile device management, change management control, patch/update management, remote access, backups and disaster recovery, and more.

External Cybersecurity Assessments

The external cybersecurity assessment consists of open web reconnaissance, penetration testing, firewall configuration review, security device operation and configuration review, system change management appraisal, public facing access evaluation, exposure of sensitive system information through public web reconnaissance, and more.

Digital Forensics

We offer professional forensics services to search for and detect, recover, and preserve evidence found on digital systems, often for criminal or civil legal purposes. This process is tracked and managed with a complete “chain-of-custody” documentation process that will stand up in a court of law if needed.

Managed Detection and Response

Our service offers constant managed detection and response. It combines advanced machine learning and vigilant threat detectors located in a global security operations center to give your organization 360-degree visibility into your network. Plus, this service offers real time blocking of attacks through isolating capabilities to prevent lateral spread and business disruption.

Incident Management

Incident Management is a process that is focused on identifying and removing cybersecurity disruptions to your organization when they occur. Ideally, this should occur in a way that has little to no negative impact on your core business. We can offer these services from manual, hands-on approaches to the use of rapid response capabilities for threat containment.

Employee Cybersecurity Training

Our employee cybersecurity training helps prepare team members to recognize and avoid the most common types of attack like phishing, spear phishing, vishing, and business email compromise. We also teach employees how to best keep themselves and the organization safe from cyber-attacks.

Cybersecurity Risk Analysis

Our cybersecurity risk analysis consulting helps organizations easily understand and set the cybersecurity risk tolerances, based upon their industry. This service delves into the ten key risk areas: Data Criticality, Physical, Employees, Product/Service, Customer/Vendor/User, Competitor, Infrastructure, Regulatory, Cybersecurity Foundations and Insurance Coverage.

Information Security Officer Hiring & Coaching

Hiring key security personnel or an information security officer can be critical to the safety of your organization. Our team works alongside your HR and IT department to vet potential hires; we can provide a list of questions, conduct initial interviews, act as advisors, or you can outsource the entire process to us.

Data Sheets

Our data sheets are a great way to take an in-depth look at the products and services we can provide.

TriCorps has been working with WW-AFCO Steel on various consulting projects for over two years from Strategy to Governance to Security. I greatly value the insights and pragmatic approaches and processes that TriCorps always brings to bear on any project. TriCorps has diverse and deep experience in a number of areas but always applies them in a rational and practical way that fits our size, culture and needs. With TriCorps assistance we have been able to substantially mature our Technology processes and overall governance.”
W&W AFCO Steel
“TriCorps provides security personnel, electronic security, and cybersecurity solutions at our corporate headquarters in Oklahoma City. Jasco has been extremely pleased with the level of service and client care TriCorps provides. TriCorps personnel not only give our employees a sense of security, and they have also integrated well into the culture of our organization.”
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