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Digital Forensics

We offer professional forensics services to search for and detect, recover, and preserve evidence found on digital systems, often for criminal or civil legal purposes. This process is tracked and managed with a complete “chain-of-custody” documentation process that will stand up in a court of law if needed.

What is Digital Forensics?

With the number of devices connected to the internet exploding in recent years, the incidences of security breaches have skyrocketed. It’s absolutely crucial for companies to know how to respond and deal with the consequences of a cybersecurity incident. All organizations should have an incident response plan that also includes forensic analysis. However, most organizations do not have the deep in-house experience needed to respond when an incident occurs.

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics is a service focused on completing analysis and gathering risks and impacts to gain a full understanding and thorough resolution of a breach. This service includes:

  • Post incident analysis to provide understanding of the origin and development of the threat.
  • Resolution of all threats with the careful analysis of an entire attack chain.
  • Support throughout judicial inquiry as needed.

When are Digital Forensics Services needed?

It is wise to have a third party complete this type of work since internal employees could have been a part of the problem originally and may not be forthright about the issue. TriCorps can act as a resource to determine what happened so organizations can act appropriately. TriCorps specialists are available to arrive on the site quickly to triage a cybersecurity breach. TriCorps team of cybersecurity and law enforcement experts combine their expertise to uncover and identify where, how, and via whom the breach occurred.

How is this kind of work conducted?

TriCorps specialists will come to the location of the incident and work to determine what occurred and how it happened. This is done through combinations of reviewing systems and interviewing personnel as needed.

How We Can Help:

TriCorps’ cybersecurity and law enforcement professionals are uniquely positioned to help respond to cybersecurity incidents, contain the breach, and conduct post-incident analysis. Call us at 405.621.9006 or email us at to talk to one of our specialists.

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