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External Cybersecurity Assessments

Identifying weaknesses in your network perimeter, often using vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, surface and dark web reconnaissance, and perimeter security architecture review.

What is an External Cybersecurity Audit & Assessment?

An audit generally takes the form of penetration testing, or ethical hacking, from the outside. The goal is to determine whether or not any of the services that your organization is operating have any types of security holes in them, and more importantly, whether or not those flaws can be exploited by an external threat.

The external cyber assessment consists of open web reconnaissance, penetration testing, firewall configuration review, security device operation and configuration review, system change management appraisal, public-facing access evaluation, exposure of sensitive system information through public web reconnaissance, and more. 

A common service, penetration testing, is an examination of your network perimeter that looks for security weaknesses that an attacker could potentially exploit to gain access to internal systems and data. This service is typically done without the involvement of your IT or security people and without letting them know the exact timing of the assessment. 

Why are External Cybersecurity Audit & Assessments important?

The foundation of risk management is to understand how vulnerable or susceptible you might be. You may have heard the saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Through an external audit and assessment, TriCorps can help you discover potential vulnerabilities. From there, an external cybersecurity audit and assessment can help highlight which vulnerabilities are exploitable, which risks are critical— and therefore need to be addressed with a high priority—and which items can be remediated over time.

What We Provide:

The external cybersecurity audit and assessment will focus on security risks coming from the exterior of your network. It involves the following:

  • Identify weaknesses in your network perimeter
  • External service identification and vulnerability assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Surface Web Reconnaissance
  • Firewall and Internet Router Configuration Review
  • Remote Access Controls Review
  • Review of written policies and processes for external connectivity
  • Perimeter Security Architecture Review

The results are securely delivered in a detailed report (Word Document) and an executive-level document (PowerPoint) so that a remediation plan can be developed. The review takes roughly 6-8 weeks to complete from the start date depending on client schedule and availability.

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