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Employee Cybersecurity Training

Our employee cybersecurity training helps prepare team members to recognize and avoid the most common types of attack like phishing, spear phishing, vishing, and business email compromise. We also teach employees how to best keep themselves and the organization safe from cyber-attacks.

What is Employee Cybersecurity Training & Testing?

Employee Cybersecurity Training:

The least expensive and most effective way to lower cybersecurity risk is to train all of your employees on cybersecurity risks. TriCorps offers classroom (can be held at your location) and virtual training formats to educate and train your employees on how to protect themselves and your organization online.

Employee Cybersecurity Testing:

Cybersecurity testing involves our team attempting to exploit attack vectors, which can include phishing, spear phishing, whaling, and social engineering. The goal of testing is to shed light on your vulnerabilities in regard to your individual team members. By testing your employees in a safe environment, you can understand if team members may need additional education.

Why is it important?

The most common attack vector that criminals use to compromise your business is through email because humans are usually the easiest to trick. Threat actors only need to succeed once, so there’s no room for error. Therefore, the least expensive and most effective way to lower cybersecurity risk is to train and test your employees so they have an understanding of potential threats and how to avoid them. Consistent training and testing improves your cybersecurity hygiene. This helps prevent your business from losing dollars, data, and/or reputation. A single employee falling victim to ransom/extortion/crypto-lock schemes just one time could expose you to:

• Loss of revenue and market share
• A loss of marketplace reputation
• Costs of business disruption
• Theft of cash, data, and/or intellectual property
• Regulatory fines and legal fees
• Possible firing of executive leadership

What Employee Cybersecurity Training Covers:

Our cybersecurity training is an interactive presentation. The content is designed to be helpful to employees of all levels of technology knowledge. The course delivers tools that can be used immediately to keep yourself and the organization protected. Your staff will learn the following:

• The history of hacking and cybercrime
• Who are the digital criminals?
• How are attacks are conducted?
• What are the most common attack vectors?
• Which tools and techniques you can use to safeguard against attack?
• How can you protect yourself personally?
• What can be done to safeguard the organization?

How is the training conducted?

TriCorps offers two different options for our employee training – in-person or eLearning experiences. If in-person, our consultants come to your business and conduct a presentation that can be adjusted in length – from one hour to a full day. During the training, we can address specific questions from the participants and gear the content toward organizational needs. Our online eLearning course covers the same content, section by section. This can be done from the comfort of your home or office and set up for one individual or your entire workforce. TriCorps’ eLearning offers an interactive experience, regularly keeping the user engaged through questions and thought exercises.

What Deliverables You Receive:

Employee Cybersecurity eLearning Training:

Your organization will receive a detailed report on each employee’s progress and success.

Employee Cybersecurity Testing:

Detailed Report (spreadsheet) itemizing all of the employees who failed the phishing test by clicking on the link, who opened the e-mail, who reported it as phishing, and who ignored the e-mail. These results are delivered in spreadsheet form.

Provide a PowerPoint summary of phish test results.

If users click on the “malicious” link in the phishing e-mail, they will be taken to a 2 to 3-minute video that covers the basics of phishing and how not to fall for these tricks.

Identify if you need more employee training, either computer-based or classroom training and if more phish testing (a sustained campaign) would benefit your organization.

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