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Cybersecurity Risk Analysis

Providing your board and executive leadership team with situational awareness of your current cyber risk areas and opportunities for improvement.

Cybersecurity Risk Analysis Consulting

Our cybersecurity risk analysis consulting helps organizations easily understand and set the cybersecurity risk tolerances, based upon their industry. This service delves into the ten key risk areas: Data Criticality, Physical, Employees, Product/Service, Customer/Vendor/User, Competitor, Infrastructure, Regulatory, Cybersecurity Foundations, and Insurance Coverage. The result is a report that identifies your risk tolerance profile, current risk, gaps in cybersecurity programs or procedures, necessary risk improvements, estimated costs to remediate, and possible negative consequences/penalties (regulatory fines, etc.) of inaction.

Cybersecurity Risk Ownership

Board of Directors and executive teams should take responsibility for understanding and establishing the levels of cybersecurity risk their organization can reasonably accept. Cybersecurity risk tolerance is a board-level decision because there is potential for significant financial impact, possible regulatory fines, and market reputation damage. In the past, executives have abdicated the cybersecurity risk to their IT department. Today, industry best practice is to make cybersecurity risk acceptance a board-level decision.

What is a Cybersecurity Risk Analysis?

Risk is composed of two parts: the probability of something going wrong, and the negative consequences if it does. Risks can be difficult to spot and even more difficult to manage. If your organization is hit by a consequence that you hadn’t planned for, costs, time, and the reputation of your organization can be on the line. Our cybersecurity risk analysis is an essential tool in helping you identify and understand the risks that your organization faces, by managing these risks, their impact on your organization is minimized.

TriCorps provides a third-party analysis of the highest cyber risk areas of your organization. The service will provide your team with a series of complete and concise reports and a single-page summary of our ten critical risk areas and the sweet spot for risk acceptance. We will score the different metrics and help your team determine target scores: for each of the risk areas. In our assessment dashboard, your team can see the current organizational risk and understand potential areas for improvement.

TriCorps’ Ten Critical Risk Areas

What You’ll Receive:

The result is a single-page summary that shows your Risk Tolerance Profile, Current and Target Scores, Gaps, Risk Improvement Actions, Estimated Cost to Remediate, and possible negative consequences and penalties (regulatory fines, etc.) of inaction.

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