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To Investigate or Not? That Is the Question.

With apologies to Shakespeare for the paraphrase, that question is becoming more important in today’s workplace environment. More on that later.

The TriCorps family hopes that 2019 was a bountiful year for you and your company. Regardless of the level of success that your business may have experienced, no year is without flaw or challenge. Time and time again, we at TriCorps expand our existing relationship with customers based on the need for our integrated security model services.

Why is integrated security important? Integrated security is critical for organizations to protect themselves from potential risks. Without physical security, electronic security, and cybersecurity working together, organizations open themselves up to threats that can have devastating effects on their people, property, and data.

A quick and friendly recap of what TriCorps can offer: Physical security officers…check. Cybersecurity assessment and protection…check. Electronic/surveillance monitoring and backup…check. TriCorps’ triumvirate security approach offers numerous subcomponents: Security officers, roving patrols, workplace violence education, active shooter training, access control, geo-fence monitoring, personal and fleet tracking, internal and external audits and cyber assessments, risk analysis, forensics and incident management, cyber training, intelligence gathering, penetration testing, and much more. Not the least of which is TriCorps’ service and ability to offer investigations.

According to Blacks’ Law Dictionary, the definition of investigate is to inquire into (a matter) systematically or to make an official inquiry. Many companies proactively investigate, but others wait until it’s too late to prevent malfeasance or even misfeasance. 

TriCorps offers numerous investigations in the scope of workplace safety and security. A few investigations we offer: pre-employment screening, external exposure, external active threats, intelligence gathering, and the very delicate internal investigation. The latter must be handled deftly and with aplomb. TriCorps leadership has been trained in investigations by the U.S. Secret Service, state police and municipal departments such as Boston P.D. The executives at TriCorps have led investigations on threats against the president of the United States, missing persons, background investigations for state police recruits, vehicle accidents, computer crimes, homicide, kidnapping, and embezzlement. TriCorps has the experience and leadership to assist you.

In our common law legal system, a precedent or authority is a legal case that establishes a principle or rule. This principle or rule is then used by the court or other judicial bodies use when deciding later cases with similar issues or facts. Groundbreaking court cases are those that take in to question the laws practiced throughout the nation or individual states for decades or even centuries. These cases tend to overturn legal decisions made with the creation of the Constitution and often lead to the creation of new laws or amendments.

These cases fill the books in every law school throughout the country. To date, there is yet to be the “groundbreaking” case that re-establishes the precedent for employers. However, with workplace violence, embezzlement, cyber breaches, and internal and external threats, that day, that suit, and that case is coming. When it comes it will most likely involve jurisprudence of corporate, employment, tort, property, insurance, contracts, criminal law and rules of evidence. That case will have a caption (i.e., Brown v. Board of Education). You and/or your company do not want to be on the “bad side” of that caption. The best avenue to mitigate potential exposure of that hypothetical groundbreaking case is to do an extremely important yet equally simple task. Companies must investigate. How can TriCorps help you?