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2022 Home Security Trends

2022 Home Security Trends

Your home should be a space where you always feel as safe as possible. Fortunately, the security industry makes it that much easier. New and exciting innovations are cropping up all the time, turning any home into a haven. 

Security Trends You Can Expect to See in 2022: 

You may already be using smart security products, but the capabilities and functionality are only getting better. You will still be able to control much of your home’s security from the palm of your hand, but you’ll be able to do much more, and in a more customized way too. 

Let’s look at a few of the top security trends that are currently making waves: 

Universal Home Automation: 

Many of today’s homes that use smart technology are also using smart speakers to do everything from play music to add items to grocery lists. Apple, Amazon, and Google have made the decision to collaborate to bring voice commands into the home security and automation space too. 

The aim is to create a universal home automation system that will link to any smart speaker and provide you with full control across multiple environments. Basically, you can expect the security of your home to be more streamlined in the near future. 

Protection from the Sky: 

Drones have also made their way into the spotlight in the security sector. It seems that in 2022, security drones could become more common. Drones make it that much easier to monitor the perimeter of a property, spot intruders and respond to alarm triggers. 
What’s more, they are able to capture footage that is automatically stored and uploaded to the cloud – no need to worry about an intruder destroying surveillance equipment. 

Remote Video Monitoring: 

A large percentage of homeowners are recognizing the value of video surveillance for security purposes. Many of today’s surveillance systems are linked to a mobile application but in 2022 and beyond, additional functionality will allow users to respond to potential emergencies at the touch of a button directly from the app – no need to scramble to make a phone call. 

Another offering that we might see more of from 2022 is remote video monitoring services. This ensures potential emergencies and criminal activity can be spotted and prevented before they become a bigger problem. 

Facial Recognition: 

As much as voice recognition and command are becoming a prominent feature in home security systems, so will facial recognition. The same facial recognition technology that can identify a person in your photos on Facebook or on your phone will be used to enhance home security. 

Instead of using your fingerprint or a code to unlock your front door, soon you will be able to do this with just your face. These systems will also use AI to learn the faces of the people who regularly visit your home and alert you to their arrival at your front door. 

False Alarm Reduction: 

A problem that often occurs in central monitoring stations is not being able to prioritize the more urgent alarm activations. This is set to change with the introduction of AI. By incorporating artificial intelligence into more alarm systems, the number of false alarms can be reduced, and monitoring stations can respond more effectively to true alarm activations. 

Deep Learning CCTV Technology: 

Deep learning is gaining more traction across multiple industries, including security. And it seems that CCTV systems might be some of the first to benefit from it. Based on industry research and announcements, we might soon see CCTV systems that operate and make decisions with little to no human interaction. This includes zooming, panning, and sending system alerts. 

Should You Shift to Smart Right Away? 

While technology will not be replacing traditional lock and key systems completely any time soon, home security is certainly making a drastic shift to more technology-based systems. This isn’t to say that you need to make an immediate shift to a smart home, but you may want to consider gradually incorporating smart security systems into your home. 

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