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TriCorps’ Partnership With Latch: A Solution For Simple Cloud-Based Access Control Systems

TriCorps Surveillance is pleased to announce a new partnership with Latch, Inc. (NASDAQ: LTCH), maker of LatchOS, the full-building enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.

Latch makes spaces better places to live, work, and visit through a system of software, devices, and services. More than one in ten new apartments in the U.S. are currently being built with Latch products, serving customers in more than 43 states through its flagship full-building operating system, LatchOS.

“Latch is a great solution for multi-tenant and commercial spaces needing a simple, cloud-based access control system,” said Chad Bradley, Chief Technology Officer for TriCorps. “Latch is easy to install and retrofit, simple to operate with LatchOS, and comes in at a fraction of the price of larger, enterprise-level access control solutions.”

This article will highlight some of the most popular Latch Products.

Latch C2
To bring LatchOS to even more spaces, Latch designed the C2 to make retrofits and ongoing operations easier for every project. As a gateway to their broader ecosystem, the C2 delivers enhanced efficiency and added benefits to more properties through their full-building operating system.

Powered by the Latch Lens, this cylindrical-style lock offers an enhanced user experience while driving value for residents and property managers. With no additional networking hub or router required, the Latch C2 is also easy to install.

The Latch C2 was designed with both retrofit and new buildings in mind. As buildings settle and door frames shift, door alignment and motorized lock operations can become compromised. The Latch C2 solves these problems through its patent-pending turn mechanism, providing real-time tactile feedback when locking and unlocking and increased longevity for each building.

Key features include:

• Internet Connectivity Not Required. The Latch C2 delivers improved reliability to unlock—without dependency on an internet connection—minimizing the lock’s vulnerability against unwanted guests or hackers.

• Thumb-Turn Locking / Unlocking. Even as door frames shift over time, the C2 provides real-time, tactile feedback when locking and unlocking, so residents always know when their space is secure.

• The Power of the Latch Lens. The Latch Lens offers the flexibility to unlock with a keycard, door code, or via the Latch App on an iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android device.

• Simplified Installation. No extra wiring means lower upfront costs and fewer logistical issues.

Latch R

The Latch R is an ideal solution for high-traffic common areas. The Latch R combines a reader, door controller, and management system into one simple product. The device directly connects to any electrified locking mechanism in addition to motion detectors and request to exit devices.

Key features include:
• The Power of the Latch Lens. The Latch Lens offers the flexibility to unlock with a keycard, door code, or via the Latch App on an iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android device.
• Built-in Camera. The Latch R takes a photo of every access event, creating a visual access log that offers an added level of security.
• Easily Adapts to Existing Door Hardware and Building Infrastructure. The Latch R controls electric locking mechanisms, request-to-exit devices, maglocks, motion detectors, and door position sensors.
• Works with Latch Manager, Our Enterprise Management System. Save staff time by eliminating manual access management and empower residents to share guest access conveniently.

Latch M
Perfect for retrofit and new construction projects alike, the Latch M is the mortise lock built for every door. From apartment doors to amenity spaces, this device is designed to be easy to install without requiring additional infrastructure like a hub or a router. As a result, the Latch M empowers more buildings of all shapes and sizes to benefit from LatchOS, an ecosystem of software, products, and services that powers all of a building’s most important capabilities through five customizable modules.

The Latch M offers all of the features as the Latch R in mortise lock.

The Latch Intercom

Thoughtfully designed to be easy to use and durable enough for all weather conditions, the Latch Intercom is the gateway to LatchOS for new developments and retrofits alike. Flexible connectivity options make it affordable and easy to install, and integration with Latch’s full-building ecosystem delivers an all-in-one access solution. From making delivery management easier to making guest access as simple as a single tap, the Latch Intercom always lets the right people in.

Features include:
Directly integrated with access control. As part of Latch’s full-building operating system, the Latch Intercom instantly connects with every other Latch device. That way, property managers can control all access from a single platform, and residents have a more convenient way to let people in from anywhere.

Simple and intuitive interface. The Latch Intercom has four tactile buttons made to work in all weather conditions. Guests and service providers can simply use the buttons to navigate the directory on the durable, impact-resistant glass screen to find the person they’re looking for. Unlike touch screen intercoms, it’s easy to use, even when wearing gloves.

• Security & privacy first. Privacy and security are at the core of everything we do. That’s why residents can choose how their name appears on the intercom interface, and properties can choose the exact position and placement of the camera.

• Designed for flexible connectivity. The Latch Intercom connects via ethernet, Wi-Fi, or cellular LTE, providing building owners with unprecedented flexibility. This makes it easier both for small buildings with a single camera or larger buildings managing multiple devices, and for new developments with extensive infrastructure and mature buildings with less updated wiring.

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