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Emotionally Disturbed Person: The EDP

By Ben Crocket January 31, 2017 I think an often over-looked training topic is dealing with emotionally disturbed individuals.  In today’s society, and with the world becoming increasingly violent and unpredictable, we are more and more likely to encounter an emotionally disturbed person.  I found this short article in “Blue Sheepdog Magazine”.  The article was […]

Listen to Your Gut Instinct

The article below was recently in and was written by Jonathan Page and Paul Banach. I have written frequently about mindset being one of our greatest tools. The authors do a great job getting those points I have made repeatedly across in this article. I want to share it with you, and ask you […]

Have You Thought Enough About Your Equipment?

When we think about our training regimen, we spend a lot of time, money, effort, blood, sweat and tears in preparation.  We have all heard the question, “Will we rise to the occasion, or will we default to the level of training we have participated in?”  We know the answer to that, and we have […]

Staying In Shape

We are all in the type of work that requires us to become physical from time to time.  Whether it is walking a security site, actually having to chase someone, or getting into a physical confrontation with a person that attacks us.  Either way, it is critical that we maintain some type of strength and […]

Providing Customer Service

I read this article recently that was written several years ago by Dan Walker, a Criminal Justice major in an upstate University.  It speaks volumes and is relevant to our mission at TriCorps.  Enjoy- The Role of Security in Providing Customer Service It is important to understand that the only reason a company is in […]

Setting the Example

It goes without saying that if you love what you do for a living, it never seems like work.  What a blessing it is to go to work every day but it does not feel like it’s a job.  Enjoying what you do can obviously make the day go by faster, the tasks easier, the […]

The Art of Communication

I know those of you that have been through my Use of Force/Active Countermeasures class have heard me say that the best fight you can have is the one you do not get in to.  However, we know that in this line of work, there will most likely be a physical confrontation or two somewhere […]

Handguns in the Home

We all know the Four General Safety Rules of handling and firing weapons.  We have had these rules repeated to us every time we have gone to the gun range, as well as tested over them every time we talk or train with firearms.  Let’s make sure though, that we are ever conscious about one […]


We have seen an increase in people being verbally critical of police and stirring up anti-police conversations.  These recent high-profile cases are often a result of people jumping to conclusions before facts are investigated and determined.  These incidents can leave us frustrated and divisional with those we serve and protect.  I completely believe that most […]

Protective Detail

Happy New Year!  2015 is upon us and this time of the year generally brings resolutions and commitments.  I hope one of those commitments high on your list will be training! We will be offering continuing education training for all of our Officers again this year.  The curriculum will include a 4-hour firearms block and a […]