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Audio Analytics and Gunshot Detection

TriCorps offers gunshot detection solutions that simultaneously detects gunfire and immediately relays this information via floor plan map with shot location, text, email, and other notification pathways to key personnel and building occupants, with no human interpretation required. Our solutions remove the “human factor” so that nothing is left to interpretation and costly delays can be avoided.

Additionally, TriCorps offers audio analytic devices which can alert on spoken keywords, abnormal noise levels (such as a fight), shouting, and excessive banging. Alerting can occur via 3rd party integrations, email/text notification, or an I/O Trigger.

Why are Shooter Detection Systems important?

According to the FBI, 69% of active shooter incidents are over in under five minutes, with the average lasting 4.5 minutes. On average, one person is shot every 15 seconds. An active shooter detection and alerting system is a key technology used to detect, react, and respond faster and more effectively when seconds are critical.

Guardian Active Shooter Detection System:

The Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System accurately and immediately detects gunshots, provides reliable identification of the shooter, and immediately communicates incident details to those exposed to the threat.

When gunfire is detected, a floor plan map with shot location is automatically relayed via text, e-mail, and other notification pathways to first responders, key personnel, and building occupants, with no human interpretation required.

This gets first responders to the scene faster with the information they need to respond to the threat and provides building occupants with information that leads them away from danger.

How it Works:


When a gunshot is fired, the acoustic bang from the shot is picked up by the sensor’s microphones while the flash of the gunshot is captured by the system’s infrared detection. The combined audio and infrared detection give the system two forms of verification, meaning the system won’t mistake other loud sounds for gunshots, eliminating false alarms.

Targeted Response:

Within one second of the sensor detecting a gunshot, the system alerts law enforcement and others (as determined by the client) of the gunshot. For staff and employees, an alert can be sent to their mobile phone and/or their computer. In both cases, the alert shows where and when the gunshot was detected.

For example:

“Shot fired. First Floor Cafeteria. 12:36 PM.”

A digital version of the organization’s floor plan can immediately be called onto the screen of computers.

These reports are customizable, allowing staff to show

where the gunshot is in relation to the surrounding area. The report can then be sent to law enforcement; this gives them the advantage of knowing the precise location of the attack.

System Integration:

The system can also be directed to immediately lock certain doors in a building. Surveillance cameras are also able to be connected to the system, which could contain footage of the attack to supplement the other data collected by the sensors.

Integrated Services:

As an integrated security firm, TriCorps can also provide active shooter training to better prepare employees and students in the event of an active shooter incident, along with armed security personnel to take immediate action.

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