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Facial Recognition

Identify persons of interest in real-time while protecting the identity of bystanders. TriCorps’ solutions recognize specific people even in crowds, obscured by poor lighting or occluded by other people. TriCorps also offers touchless access control solutions that protect facilities and secure areas from unauthorized access leveraging the power of AI, biometrics, and liveness detection.


Facial recognition technology has advanced dramatically over the past few years. The use of facial biometrics is now a reality in daily life for many consumers, like Apple’s FaceID that unlocks a phone using facial features, or Facebook automatically suggesting which friends to tag in a photo using facial recognition.

However, the biggest implications for facial recognition are in the security industry, where we see law enforcement agencies use biometric software to scan surveillance footage and identify people of interest, schools to alert at the presence of known sexual predators or expelled students, and border patrol and airports to verify the identities of travelers.


What is FacePRO?

FacePRO is Panasonic’s facial recognition system that matches a person’s face using live or recorded video from Panasonic i-PRO cameras to a database of enrolled faces and then sends alerts or notifications when a face is matched.

FacePRO uses deep learning technology that improves facial recognition performance by up to 500% compared to conventional systems. This deep learning enables recognition that was traditionally difficult for conventional facial recognition technology including:

Severely Angled

Covered by Surgical Mask

Wearing Sunglasses

Changed by Aging

Searches and Alerts

You can enroll up to 30,000 faces in the database for matching. Specific faces that are en- rolled in advance will trigger an alarm when detected. The applications for this could range from terminated employees, expelled students, known shoplifters, banned patrons, to wanted criminals. Conversely, FacePRO can notify a marketing team when special guests or VIP arrives at their facility.

Additionally, face images can be used to perform searches retroactively. For example, an image taken of a suspicious person can be searched to track when and where they entered the premises, where they went through the building, and when and where they exited.


TriCorps offers two different options for our employee training – in-person or eLearning experiences. If in-person, our consultants come to your business and The software also features an analytics section. In this area, a user is given the ability to analyze statistics such as people counting, and also allows them to detect demographics like age and gender. The system will then display the relevant information in an accessible manner.


One of FacePRO’s benefits is that it can be integrated with other electronic security elements including Security Management Systems (SMS) and access control. Because FacePRO communicates with the SMS, we can prescribe a set response to an alert like sending out SMS alerts, locking down doors, or tracking with pan-tilt-zoom cameras.


TriCorps is the only certified Panasonic FacePRO integrator in the United States armed with a mobile facial recognition demonstration kit. For information on scheduling a webinar or on-site demonstration of FacePRO, please contact TriCorps’ corporate headquarters at 405.621.9006, or email us at

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