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Vehicle, Asset, & Fleet Tracking

TriCorps provides a wide range of personal, vehicle, and fleet GPS tracking solutions, which can be monitored 24/7/365 at our Global Security Operations Center.

What we provide:

TriCorps can tailor vehicle, asset, and fleet tracking services to any client’s specific needs. We can install cameras and alarm systems to detect threats utilizing motion detection, light differential algorithms, and facial recognition, to name a few. These are all monitored 24/7/356 by TriCorps’ Operators in our Global Security Operations Center. Pairing electronic security solutions with our roving patrols increase the security of our clients significantly. This pairing would prevent the potential issue from going unnoticed in between patrols and could mean the difference between preventing loss/damage to property and simply reporting it after the fact.

Do You Need Security?

TriCorps is the only integrated security firm with the experience and technology to protect your organization.

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