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Security Officers

Armed, unarmed, and commissioned officers to keep you secure. All personnel are highly trained and properly licensed to meet the requirements of the state in which they are providing.

What is Security Personnel?

Physical security personnel is uniformed officers, armed or unarmed, qualified, and licensed, who have received training and certifications for private security. Our officers are assigned to protect assets (property, people, equipment, money, etc.) from a variety of threats (damaged property, unsafe worker behavior, criminal activity such as theft, etc.).

TriCorps officers do this by maintaining a high visibility presence to deter illegal and inappropriate actions, monitor behaviors, take immediate action to prevent or minimize damage, and report incidents to their clients and emergency services.

Why is it Important?

While the security industry is seeing a trend toward technology, you simply can’t replace human perception. There are many circumstances where technology is appropriate and an excellent supplement, but advancements in technology still cannot compare to human intuition.

In contrast to other security firms, TriCorps pays in the 90th percentile of the industry, which allows us to maintain a high employee retention rate.

This retention rate allows our officers to become familiar with the customer and the routines and norms of their posts. Human observation of unusual behavior, along with their physical presence is critical to a successful safety plan.

What We Provide:

TriCorps officers are typically armed so they are best equipped to protect our clients from all possible threats. However, TriCorps understands that in certain circumstances, it may not be possible, due to legal restrictions, to have armed officers. If armed personnel is not an option, we can also deploy unarmed security personnel.

Static Security

Static officers are assigned to specific posts, typically at some point of entry, (i.e. doors, reception desks, gates) or to a specific asset. Static officers are typically more beneficial for high-traffic locations. These officers can do walking patrols, log personnel and assets entering and exiting locations, and be responsible for personnel counts in the event of an emergency and/or evacuation.

Roving Security

In some cases, whether it be low traffic hours or large unsecured areas, TriCorps acknowledges it’s not always practical to assign a static officer to a single post. Officers assigned to a roving patrol check multiple points of entry or multiple assets in a routine articulated by our client, based on priorities of assets and level of risk. Roving patrols can be conducted on foot within a building and around the perimeter, as well as in a TriCorps vehicle to patrol an area.

Do You Need Security?

TriCorps is the only integrated security firm with the experience and technology to protect your organization.

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