Site Security Assessments by TriCorps®

Security Site Assessments are crucial because there is no one set security plan that fits every organization and every property. If two organizations occupied the exact same building, their security risks would still differ simply because of their industry and operations. Adversely, an organization’s security risks would change if they were located in downtown versus a rural area. A comprehensive security plan must be tailored to consider the organization’s industry risks as well as the location’s risks.

A security site assessment examines and analyzes the actual, perceived or anticipated threats associated with a specific location that may impact normal operations. A Security Site Assessment will help you determine the likelihood and consequences of a security issue or gap, and help you prioritize the appropriate corrective and preventative actions to take. 

During an assessment, the physical location will be reviewed by a trained, TriCorps professional.  The assessment will:

  • Identify risk and determine existing security conditions.
  • Identify security-related vulnerabilities and deficiencies.
  • Determine the level of protection needed for a specific location.
  • Make recommendations for improvement.

Site Assessments are also beneficial because many organizations spend money to implement physical security controls, but don’t evaluate them to ensure they are functioning as intended. Security measures are often applied in an inconsistent manner leaving security gaps (e.g., some areas may lack camera coverage or adequate lighting). 

The product of TriCorps’ Security Site Assessment is a comprehensive report with concrete, actionable information. 

TriCorps uses a Facility Security Level (FSL) matrix that determines what security level is appropriate for the site. Security level I requires a lower level of protection and security level V requires the highest level of protection. 

Furthermore, the report includes a breakdown of specific types of threats and their likelihood to affect the facility compared to the likelihood of that event occurring elsewhere. TriCorps then provides recommendations to mitigate risks identified in the assessment.

TriCorps is an integrated security firm, with the capabilities to fill in any physical security, electronic security or cybersecurity gaps identified during an assessment. Call us today at 405.621.9006 to schedule a Security Site Assessment.

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