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Mobile Active Shooter

I recently came across this article from LinkedIn. It reiterates several issues we have been talking about in the police/security firearms arena.  The article was considerably longer but I shortened it because it makes my point.  We talk all the time about mindset, taking the fight to the bad guy, and about knowing your equipment.  Mindset is EVERYTHING, my friends.  It is that tactical edge that we need on our side in every dynamic and stressful situation we find ourselves in.  Those issues were the saving grace in this particular police event.  It must be constantly on our mind.

Mobile Active Shooter

In October 2013, the Albuquerque Police Department came face to face with evil when they were confronted by an active shooter named Christopher Chase. His shooting spree resulted in his stealing a police unit and the shooting of three APD Officers and one Bernalillo County deputy.
This was a mobile active shooter in a vehicle incident. The suspect was dressed in camouflage and was armed with an Ak-47 rifle. The suspect also had “cop killer” tattooed across his knuckles. At one point in the incident, he even waited in ambush of responding officers.
There were several factors that led to its successful conclusion.
· Use of the patrol rifle
· Advanced weapons tactics
· Tactical Combat Casualty Care
· Taking the fight to th
e suspect
Be ready for that day, because it will come. Have your patrol rifle ready, have ready access to your med kit/IFAK, know how to access both under stress and stand ready.
Stay safe, Stay alert, Stay Alive…………..Lawrence

Training is the key to take us to those places when the bad guy raises his ugly head.  Be thinking constantly when you are on duty about what you would do in any situation so you will be prepared and respond accordingly.  Oklahoma  officers, please take a look at the Saturday monthly schedule and enroll in one of our Firearms/Defensive Tactics classes.