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Staying In Shape

We are all in the type of work that requires us to become physical from time to time.  Whether it is walking a security site, actually having to chase someone, or getting into a physical confrontation with a person that attacks us.  Either way, it is critical that we maintain some type of strength and endurance.  I have written several newsletters on the subject of physical fitness and the importance of staying in shape.  In order to stay on the top of our game we have to strike a balance between weight lifting and cardio.  Whatever your workout routine happens to be, it will almost always involve these two disciplines.   This newsletter will address actual weightlifting basics, and how to properly lift to get the most out of your exercise program.  I have asked Nathan Ross, one of our TriCorps staff members and former college football player, to address some fundamentals regarding weightlifting.  Enjoy the read.



The first rule for safe and effective weight lifting is always wear close-toed shoes. Weight plates can fall or slip, and if they land on a toe, not only will it be broken, but likely it will be cut open pretty bad. Second, always have a firm grasp of how to correctly perform a lift with the right technique before you try any sort of challenging weight resistance. You have to crawl before you can run. Third, always perform a full body stretch before lifting. This prevents strains, pulls, and possibly tears. Never round your back during lifts involving your legs, like squats, lunges, etc. always arch your back and stick your rear-end out when doing these lifts, this will eliminate damage to your lower back and spine. Drinking anywhere from a half gallon to a gallon of water a day will leave your body feeling less fatigued and fully hydrated, allowing for more effective weight gains. Stretching for 15 minutes after a workout is highly recommended. If you wake up the next day feeling extremely sore and in pain, it is likely you did not drink enough water, and you did not stretch enough. Another great tip to weight lifting is to eat or consume a decent amount of protein within a half hour after your workout, this feeds your muscles why they need to recover from a tough workout. All of these things are essential to maximizing the best possible results for the time put in. Do not put too much emphasis on “output”, and forget about “input”. What you put into your body and how you take care of it will be a huge part to how quick and effective your body will react to your hard work, or “output”.


The fall season is upon us, and with that, the Holidays.  It is easy to get into the season and neglect our workout.  That is why we have New Year’s resolutions that involve getting back into shape. Hang with the workout year-round.  It is well worth the effort when you are knee deep in an active attack and have to defend yourself.


Thanks for the tips, Nathan.  Until next time, let’s be careful out there.