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Customer Service – It’s All About Intentionality

When it comes to customer service in the security industry, being intentional about everything we do and say is key. It is important for security officers to understand that a client’s first impression of them, and the security firm they are working for, is largely based upon how they look and act. We believe providing world-class customer service in our industry begins with a professional physical appearance, good communication skills, and preparedness.

Physical Appearance – Most of the time, security officers are the first person a client will see. Clients need to sense reliability and professionalism from security personnel. This helps clients feel safe and secure from any possible threat. Therefore, part of customer service is making sure your physical appearance is neat-looking and professional, meaning:

Uniforms are clean and pressed, without wrinkles or tears.
Shirt are tucked in, pants should never be baggy.
Shoes should always be tied, cleaned, and polished.
Belt and any equipment are always be positioned correctly.
All equipment is working and located in its proper place.
Hair should be well-groomed.
Fingernails are trimmed and clean.
Makeup and jewelry should be kept at a minimum.

Active Listening and Eye Contact – When communicating with others it is important for officers to make sure they are actively listening and are aware of their body language. Active listening means showing the person you’re speaking with that you’re truly engaged in the conversation and that you’re taking the necessary steps to help that person with whatever they need. If you are having to question someone, make sure you are showing that you are taking the time to hear them out too, and be aware of your body language. Maintaining eye contact, soft hand gestures, and a calm and professional tone will help during any difficult conversation you may encounter with a client.

Preparedness –  Regarding customer service, being intentional about getting to know the client and their site specific needs is important. For example, if you are regularly checking in/out the same people every day, learn their names and greet them as you are checking them in/out. This will show the client that you value them.

All of these are simple steps that security officers can take to show that they are truly intentional about meeting client’s needs.