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Working in Winter Weather

Although advancements in technology have allowed meteorologists to forecast the weather weeks in advance, it’s still important to be proactive when preparing for duty during the winter season.

Due to the nature of security, an officer’s duties can change with minimal notice. On any given day, a security officer’s assignment could vary from patrolling property with little to no shelter, transporting terminated employees out of state, or assisting with hazardous situations in rural areas.

Below are some of the more common preventive measures security officers can take to stay safe during changing cold conditions:

• Dress in layers
• Wear a hat and gloves
• Stay hydrated

In addition to making sure you personally are prepared for winter weather conditions, you should also consider your equipment. With winter weather comes hazardous driving conditions, collisions and vehicle break downs. Make sure you have plenty of fuel in your vehicle and your phone is charged.

The following items can be beneficial when traveling or administering aid during winter weather conditions:

• Jump starter and/or jumper cables
• Thermos (warm liquids)
• Portable cell phone charger
• Flares and/or signaling equipment
• Blanket
• Change of clothes
• Water
• First aid kit
• Sandbag (tire traction)
• Fix a flat

Items to keep on your person or in a small travel bag:

• Flashlight
• Blanket
• Cell phone power pack/charger
• Liquids
• Nonperishable food/snacks/energy bar

I hope some of this information has been useful or perhaps will serve as a reminder to check your supplies and stay prepared during this winter season.

Stay safe,
Ben Peabody
Deputy Chief of Operations