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Facial Recognition and Its Limitless Applications

With the rapid popularization of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), TriCorps is leading the way in providing clients global, proactive security solutions. We believe integrated security is the true solution in reducing risk and vulnerabilities for our clients’ assets, and facial recognition is a valuable tool in achieving integrated security.

Facial recognition technology is rapidly becoming part of our daily activities. Logging into our smart phones and accessing bank accounts and social media are just a few ways facial recognition technology has changed how we operate day-to-day.

Panasonic’s FacePRO Facial Recognition System takes facial biometrics to an all-new level in accuracy. Panasonic’s facial recognition utilizes a dual authentication algorithm that combines deep learning and iA (intelligent Auto) functions which automatically optimizes the setting to improve the detectability of video images. The camera automatically detects the moving objects, movement speed, faces, and light intensity (day/night/headlights) found in video that are usually hard to see due to subject movement and backlight, and optimizes the settings in real-time and captures more optimal video of the subject.

The Best Shot License Key included with this software can be installed on Panasonic i-PRO EXTREME series network cameras (sold separately) to automatically select the images suitable for facial recognition from the multiple face images captured when a person passes in front of the camera and send only those selected images to the server. This enables high-quality images suitable for facial recognition to be sent without putting a load on the server.

One of the major advantages of the facial recognition solution is the level of control it gives you from a central point of management. Due to the direct connection between camera and server, you can control and gather insight from up to 20 remote cameras from one server. At the same time, your operator can easily access any recorded images related to that face or customer, via the user interface in their monitoring software.

The facial recognition software runs silently in your system, collecting data on each face that it detects. This data is then stored within an easily accessible database. A user will then be able to access this database and can select a particular face. With this functionality, the user can choose to set an alarm to be sounded upon future detection of this subject, or simply track a particular person’s movement in chronological order throughout all of the cameras in the system.

The future of facial recognition is limitless, the applications are constantly evolving, and not just from a malevolent perspective. In the future, facial recognition will be used to identify human emotions. China is testing emotion detection to monitor subjects and their wellbeing. By scanning every 30 seconds, the system can ascertain whether subjects are happy, confused, angry, surprised, fearful, or disgusted. The system can also alert a teacher if attention levels drop, providing data that could help improve classes or allow curriculums to be tailored to how each class responds.

Age detection capabilities will aid demographic collection. Age detection algorithms can be useful in retail environments to flag up warnings to shop assistants if someone is too young to buy certain products (like alcohol or cigarettes). With accurate age detection, retailers can better maintain their legal responsibilities while reducing the potential to offend customers.

TriCorps is the only certified Panasonic FacePRO integrator in the United States armed with a mobile facial recognition demonstration kit. For information on scheduling a webinar or on-site demonstration of FacePRO, please contact TriCorps’ corporate headquarters at 405.621.9006, or email us at