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Our Commitment to Clients – TriCorps’ Brand Promises

Knowing your organization’s cultural values is a critical component to providing excellent customer service. If you understand how to provide excellent service, you can deliver it to clients. At TriCorps, we believe in three key principles that shape our culture and ensure that we’re delivering world-class service. You may have been a part of a training where you’ve heard these discussed or may have heard them from your supervisor.

Our three key principles are:

• Work hard – Do your job with excellence, look sharp and be courteous.

• Treat others with respect – treat others (your colleagues and clients) the way you’d want to be treated.

• Give back what you’ve been given – We believe that we’ve been given much, so when we can we want to give back.

These principles have become our “true north” in defining how to take care of each other (the people we work with) and our clients (the people we serve). These define our culture as an organization. We have used these to create our brand promises, which are what we use to define our cultural values.

What is a brand promise? A brand promise is a clear description of what people would immediately see our organization striving for. These are also unbreakable commitments made to our clients that define what we focus on to provide value to them. Here are TriCorps’ brand promises and ways to implement them while working with clients.

TriCorps’ Brand Promises:

• We Build Strong Relationships – We put a high priority on building long-term, healthy relationships between each other and clients. The relationships we strive for are based on trust and the value provided between participants. For us, this means starting with greeting clients each day, shaking their hand, knowing their names. These examples might seem small, but they are touchpoints that make all the difference if you want to build strong relationships.

• Longevity and Stability by Design – We are building this company to stand the test of time. People can count on us to be consistent in practice and relationships. The way we work with clients today will be the same in the future. If we are committed every day to providing world-class customer service to our clients, they are going to want to maintain a relationship with us because they know they can trust that we will provide the services they need.

• Security Armed with Technology – We will use our expertise in security and knowledge of state-of-the-art technology to protect our clients and their organizations. This all comes from staying knowledgeable about trends and the evolving threats that will occur. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact your supervisor.

• Committed to Constant Progress – We will seek to improve the quality of the services we deliver, always learning and always innovating. We will integrate best practices and make sure our programs for our clients are ran with excellence. We will stay committed to providing training and resources to our officers to make sure you are always equipped with the resources you need to do your job well. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact your supervisor.