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Executive Protection Within the Integrated Security Model

TriCorps Executive Protection

Executive protection refers to security and risk mitigation practices for individuals who have elevated personal risk because of their employment, high-profile status, net worth, affiliations, or location. In today’s world, executive protection can no longer be an isolated bodyguard. Through TriCorps’ Integrated Security Model, our experienced executive protection officers are equipped with intel, surveillance, and cybersecurity tools that allow them to perceive threats where others may not.

In the field of executive and dignitary protection, TriCorps’ officers are among the most experienced professionals in the security industry today. The majority of our executive staff are career law enforcement officials, many of whom have been members of the U.S. Secret Service or state police protecting U.S. Presidents, governors, and foreign dignitaries. These highly-experienced individuals equipped with intel, surveillance, and cybersecurity technology is the key to premium executive protection.

Because of the frequently-changing schedules of executives, celebrities and high net-worth individuals, there are many variables within each executive protection assignment. That is where intel, surveillance, and cybersecurity make the difference.

In executive protection, intel comes from many sources. One of TriCorps’ primary sources for intel on executive protection assignments is advance work. Advance work includes gathering intelligence and conducting a threat assessment on the locales, venues, travel plans and people that our protectee will encounter. When possible, TriCorps officers perform focused on-site walk-throughs and dry-runs and produce detailed intelligence reports and operations orders to be used in the actual protective assignment.

During intelligence gathering and threat assessment, TriCorps officers can determine if additional security layers will be needed in the form of surveillance. For example, our operators in the TriCorps Command Monitoring Center could remotely monitor the premises before the executive attends a large event, or monitor an entry/exit point to the executive’s dwelling while they’re away.

The last, and often most overlooked element of executive protection, is cybersecurity awareness. TriCorps officers are well versed in best cybersecurity practices for personal safety at home and while traveling, and advise protectees to avoid sharing their geolocation on social media, posting travel times, etc. Moreover, through TriWatch® Intelligence Monitoring Services, TriCorps specialists can monitor social media platforms, the deep web, and the dark web for online threats against the executive. This information becomes actionable intelligence for TriCorps’ executive protection officers, who can address the potential threat with the tools in the Integrated Security Model.

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