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Electronic Security in the Oilfield

Oilfield theft is, and has been, a persistent issue that plagues the energy sector. Most oil and gas production sites are in remote locations which typically make them prime targets for thieves and vandals. Their inaccessibility makes them difficult to monitor, so criminals are often able to move in and out quickly with little or no detection, leaving owners asking, “How can I increase my oilfield security?” The answer is through technology.

Historically, electronic security in the oilfield has been challenging specifically because of a lack of infrastructure, power, and network availability, elements that electronic security measures heavily depend on. In the past, oilfield security meant a fence around a pumpjack. With advancements in technology, oilfield security can now include remote surveillance and access control solutions.

TriCorps has developed cutting-edge electronic security solutions that utilize solar-based power and cellular-based network connectivity, which has successfully overcome the challenges posed by remote oilfield locations. TriCorps’ advanced video surveillance systems can provide a high-definition live video feed to the end user or TriCorps’ Command Monitoring Center, and store alarm events in our cloud-based monitoring platform. Additional systems include advanced laser sensors, infrared for night vision, thermal imaging and video content analytics.

  • Thermal imaging is a great solution for sites requiring more than traditional infrared illumination for night vision. Thermal cameras alert on heat signatures, which can detect possible intruders more accurately, and at a much greater distance than traditional infrared cameras.

In addition to providing great perimeter protection with a low false-alarm rate, we utilize thermal cameras to monitor for conditions such as well blowouts and major leaks.

  • Access control in the oilfield deters opportunistic crime by ensuring only those permitted on the site are on the site. License plate readers, radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and cellular-based telephone entry systems can be integrated into gate controllers to allow efficient and swift access to authorized vehicles, which is especially helpful at high-traffic sites.

Additionally, TriCorps can remotely control gate access from our state-of-the-art command center, staffed by professional operators 24/7. TriCorps has a number of clients who utilize our virtual access control services to monitor gates, gate statuses and to vet contractors entering a site.

  • Video analytics help operators monitor sites by incorporating geofencing, or virtual zones, as well as “trip lines,” which can be set on a predefined schedule. Video analytics are perfect for operations that have many well sites and only one operations center, or operations that desire TriCorps operators to monitor their feed.

Using video analytics, especially at gates and near critical areas, eliminates the need for operators to continuously monitor camera feeds. Operators are only alerted when a person or vehicle enters the defined zone, taking the guess work out of camera monitoring.

Electronic security measures don’t eradicate the need for on-site security personnel, however they can greatly augment their ability to monitor and secure remote sites.