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Security in Schools

TriCorps recognizes the top priority for schools is ensuring the safety, security and well-being of their students and staff, a feat that is growing equally more crucial and complex every day. Schools are facing threats that require dynamic, intuitive security measures. For this reason, TriCorps provides an array of security solutions in schools including physical, electronic, and cybersecurity.

Below are examples of security solutions TriCorps can provide to schools. We recognize that no two schools are exactly the same. We always provide custom tailored services to each client.

Integrated Security Site Assessment
For schools building a new security program or aiming to better their existing security program, this assessment will provide insight, direction and next steps for improvement. This comprehensive assessment, conducted by law enforcement professionals and technology experts, examines and analyzes the risks and vulnerabilities specifically for your school, and results in recommendations to fill gaps in physical, electronic and cybersecurity measures.

Security Officers
TriCorps’ highly-trained force of security officers work to deter incidents within a school building and ensure rapid response if an incident were to happen within a school or campus. TriCorps officers also interact professionally and compassionately with students, staff and families regularly, to build bonds of trust and create a safe atmosphere.

Roving Patrol Officers
TriCorps’ security officers can also patrol buildings and campuses in marked security vehicles.

Active Shooter Training
This training, which can be tailored for staff and students, will teach the warning signs of violent behavior, equip staff with de-escalation techniques, and provide an emergency action plan in case of an active shooter or other threatening situation.

Intrusion Film
Intrusion film is a clear film designed to strengthen and help protect vulnerable windows and doors from break-ins, vandalism, and accidents. A tempered glass window with intrusion film will hold securely in place after several attempts to break through it with a baseball bat, brick, etc.

Electronic Security System
TriCorps can provide tailored electronic security systems on a unified platform so all electronic security elements can be managed in one place.

High Definition Cameras with Video Analytic Monitoring
TriCorps’ team of experienced technicians install high definition camera systems with analytics that help prevent dangerous and unwanted behavior. These cameras can be monitored by operators in TriCorps’ Global Security Operations Center.

Access Control Systems
One of the best ways to enhance school security is to switch from standard lock-and-key doors to an access control system. This system, featuring card readers and smart credentials, has a number of benefits including one-button lockdown and visitor management. These smart credentials can serve multiple functions: an access badge, ID badge and even can be formatted to work as the student’s lunch card.

Intrusion Detection Systems
An intrusion detection system is comprised of a network of devices that all report back to a panel inside the school. These devices include motion detector, glass break detectors, and door and window sensors. If anything triggers one of those devices, they alert at the panel, sounding a siren or alarm. TriCorps operators are notified of the alert and use video streams on location to verify the cause of the alarm.

Facial Recognition
Facial recognition technology can dramatically increase the safety and security of a school campus. Schools can enroll up to 30,000 faces into the database for matching and set the system to alert upon detection for specific faces. This application can be very useful in providing immediate notification when certain people known to be dangerous, barred or expelled are on the premises.

Gunshot Detection System
An active shooter detection and alerting system is a key technology schools can incorporate to react and respond faster and more effectively to gunshot incidents. A gunshot detection system will accurately and immediately detect gunshots, provide reliable identification of the shooter’s location, and immediately communicate incident details to those exposed to the threat.

Vape Detector
TriCorps can install smart sensors in unsupervised areas or restrooms that detect environmental changes like vaping and alert designated personnel. These sensors also detect and alert personnel upon noise level fluctuations that may occur during fights or other unusual activity.

Network Penetration Testing
Using vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, this service identifies weaknesses in your school’s network perimeter.

Employee Cybersecurity Training
TriCorps provides classroom and computer-based training formats to educate and train teachers and staff on how to protect themselves and your school online.

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