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Having a Heart for Service

Hiring employees who are customer-centric is vital to any organization that wants to exceed customer expectations. Employee actions need to be genuine—because delivering service is not just about what people do, but how they do it. The combination of hiring great people who want to provide great customer service with the training that enables them to do so in the service moment can be a powerful formula for continued success.  

– Bruce Jones, Senior Cast Development Director, Disney Institute 

We at TriCorps understand that world-class customer service goes beyond simply showing up. We know that we must be intentional in everything we do and say, we have to look professional and sharp, and we have to remember our core principles (brand promises) in order to consistently deliver excellent service.

Our customer service training highlights these areas, but most importantly, we understand the importance of hiring individuals who have a heart for service.  Having a heart for service means showing intentionality and being genuine in wanting to exceed client expectations. Our goal is to find people who display genuine care and concern for others, as this aligns with our three core principles:  

  • Do your work with excellence 
  • Treat others with respect 
  • Give back what you’ve been given 

Due to the training TriCorps’ officers receive, they know if they are doing these three things at any given moment, they are displaying a heart for service. This training and understanding provides our officers with the confidence of a job well done in any service moment.  

Over the years, we have received many atta-boys and testimonials of our security personnel who excellent service moments to our clients, some of which have even saved lives. Below are some examples: 

At 4:00 in the morning, a TriCorps Operator received an alarm for a client residence being monitored. The operator made immediate contact with the homeowners and informed them of the alarm. While speaking with the homeowner, multiple other alarms were received in the GSOC. The homeowner reported the odor of smoke in their residence. The local fire department was promptly dispatched. The ensuing fire engulfed the residence, in what ended up being a four-alarm fire. All seven occupants were safely evacuated from the residence.  

Jerry was working at his primary post, monitoring surveillance footage of a secondary facility when he observed a vehicle on fire. He immediately contacted emergency responders, the client, and his manager. TriCorps was later informed by the client that the driver of the truck did not have a phone and the property damage would have been much worse if Jerry had not been alert. The truck’s tires had already begun to melt as the fire department put out the fire.  

We are thankful for these individuals and their examples. This all comes from their heart for service and their genuine care and concern for others.