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An Integrated Approach to Emergency Response

TriCorps Emergency Response

Despite our best efforts to prevent them, emergencies are inevitable. Developing security protocols ahead of time to respond to emergencies is crucial to minimizing or preventing injury, property damage, and even loss of life.

Just as no two emergencies are alike, the needs of each client vary. To ensure we provide the level of support our clients need during a crisis, we work closely with each one to develop procedures tailored to their specific environment. Whether it be an oil pad dealing with dangerous equipment and chemicals, or a high-rise office building ensuring hundreds of people’s evacuation in the event of a fire, TriCorps can answer the call most other security firms cannot.

Our physical security force is made up of men and women experienced in the nuances of emergency response. A good portion of our personnel have served in our nation’s military and/or law enforcement and have been on the front lines when incidents or emergencies occur. Working together with organizations small and large, TriCorps can develop emergency response procedures, provide training and protocols for active shooter threats, and use life-saving equipment such as fire extinguishers, AEDs, and first aid kits when crises occur. These examples of emergency response efforts are just a few of the physical security services we can provide.

“After a recent security incident, I requested an immediate security staffing increase over 100% of the scheduled force with 24-hour coverage. TriCorps not only met the need immediately, they exceeded the numbered request with a highly qualified and professional security officers. “

Corporate Security Director, Energy Client

In our electronic security division, TriCorps can work with organizations to establish protocols such as alerting the appropriate personnel if a specific individual is seen on the property or calling the police if a motion sensor camera captures a trespasser after hours. To ensure these systems meet their full potential, they can be monitored 24/7/365 by TriCorps’ operators in our own Global Security Operations Center.

To mitigate risk and handle emergencies directed at our client’s data and IT infrastructure, TriCorps utilizes the talents of our law enforcement and technology specialists’ to deliver unmatched cybersecurity services. By implementing a variety of network protection protocols and penetration testing, we can identify and mitigate vulnerabilities. In the event of a breach, we can provide forensic analysis to help identify the attack source to aid law enforcement in bringing those responsible to justice.

Threats will always be present, and emergencies will always be a part of our lives. TriCorps can help mitigate risk and respond to emergencies in a way no other company can. Using our Integrated Security Model, TriCorps can provide every aspect of security coverage organizations need to give them, their employees, customers, and families the safest environment possible.