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First Aid for Security Officers

TriCorps First Aid Training

It is a fact that an officer will experience an injury on the job at some point in time. Consequently, it is essential to know and understand some basic guidelines for administering first aid to oneself or an injured coworker. This article identifies important first aid practices that you need to remember.

When addressing an injury, officers must:

  • Understand TriCorps First Aid policies/procedures.
  • Know the actions necessary to treat one’s own injuries.
  • Know who must be contacted at the on-site facility/location where the officer is working.
  • Know how to contact the appropriate supervisor (Radio/ phone/ voice, etc.)
  • Know the name and contact method for the secondary contact person in case the primary contact is not around.
  • Be able to provide clear directions to your location when a call is made to 911 to ensure help can arrive quickly.
  • Know where all emergency equipment is located.

Officers should not assume someone else is responsible for responding to an injury. In emergency situations, many things could go wrong, and an unforeseen situation can change how help can be provided. Giving thought to how you need to respond in various situations before they happen can ensure you are able to adjust when the situation does not go as planned.

Some actions to take to ensure you have a plan if you or someone on your location is injured:

  • Understand the hazards present at your location/job site that are likely to occur.
  • Pay attention to the information provided during safety trainings and toolbox meetings.
  • Read all emergency response information that is posted at the location/job site.
  • When evaluating your location/job site, ask yourself, “What could go wrong?” and “How should I respond to the various emergency situations I identified in my area?”.
  • Ask a supervisor or safety representative about specific location/job site safety risks and established safety procedures.