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All Things Licensing for Security Officers 

At TriCorps, one of our guiding principles is to do our work with excellence. We know excellence is achieved in the details and by working hard and smart. A part of upholding these principles as a security officer for TriCorps is remaining up-to-date with your licensing requirements. Renewing your security license can take time, so we ask that you start this process at least three months before the expiration date; this will help prevent any delays and late fees that may occur.

If you are struggling to pay the renewal fee for your license, please let our administrative team or your supervisor know. Our goal is to help our employees whenever we can. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your supervisor if this is the case. Our administrative team can answer any questions you may have on this as well: 

Kelby Johnson: (405) 621-9006 ext. 117

Sarah Dunaway: (405) 621-9006 ext. 111

Whether you are a current security officer needing to renew or upgrade your license or start your career as one, we have provided a list of resources and links for all things licensing. Please find information below for Oklahoma, Texas, Washington, DC, and Florida.

Here are some helpful resources for Security Officer Licensing:


The Armed or Unarmed Security Guard license issued by CLEET (Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training) is a three-year, renewable license. The license expires three years from the date it was issued. To renew your license, use the link provided below to the fillable form. We suggest you start by calling the Police Department and County Sheriff’s Office for the city and county you reside in when trying to complete the checklist. You can ask these two agencies what services they offer, such as background checks and passport photo IDs. If they do not offer the service you need, they will direct you to an agency/company that does. If you need further assistance in Oklahoma licensing, please contact

This is a link to the FEMA training page to aid in meeting the requirements for proof of continuing education for the renewal application. There are many different courses to choose from that vary in credits toward your “Continuing Education Units” (CEU).


The Level II Non-Commissioned Security Officer License (Unarmed) and the Level III Commissioned Security Officer License (Armed) are individual licenses issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety. All individual licenses are valid for two years from the date issued. To renew your Level II Non-Commissioned Security Officer or your Level III Commissioned Security Officer License before it expires, use the following instructions below.

The Private Security Board (PSB) regulates the private security industry in Texas. Below is a link to one option of the training courses you can take to attain your required certification needed to apply for either your Level II or Level III license. 

If you need further assistance in Texas licensing, please contact

Washington, DC:

The Security Officer (SO) license issued by Security Officer Management Branch (SOMB) is a two-year, renewable license. The license expires April 30th every two years. The Special Police Officer (SPO) license issued by the Security Officer Management Branch (SOMB) is a one-year, renewable license. The license expires on May 31st of every year.

To renew your license, use the link provided below to the fillable form. The website listed below has all the requirements for license renewals and new license applications. If you need further assistance in licensing, please contact

Drug screening and medical exams are required. Listed below is one of several companies accepted by SOMB for these services. 

  • Here are links to two training academies, although there are others available.


Approximately 95 days or about three months prior to the expiration date of your license, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services will mail you a renewal application form with complete instructions on how to renew your license. Below are the links to renew your Class D Security Officer License (Unarmed) and Class G Security Officer License (Armed).

To start your career as a TriCorps security officer, use the links below. Any individual who performs the services of a security officer in Florida must have a Class “D” license.

To attain either your armed or unarmed security officer license, officers must submit proof of successful completion of a minimum of 40 hours (about 1 and a half days) of professional training provided by a security officer school or training facility licensed by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Upon completion, submit this certificate with respective applications (from the above link) to the Division of Licensing. Once the application is complete, you are given a temporary “Blue Card” allowing you to work immediately. 

If you need further assistance in Florida licensing, please contact