TriCorps Installs Security System at Missouri School

TriCorps installed facial recognition, video management, and access control systems along with new HD cameras to aid West Platte School District in their proactive security measures. Click here to view News-Press’ video on how these additions help secure the school.

Preventing Hand Injuries

Hand injuries are the second leading cause of work-related injury. Slips, trips, and falls get a lot of OSHA attention, as fall protection is the most frequently violated standard. But hand injuries remain one of the most common work-related injuries, and for that reason alone, warrant a substantial investment in protection. Wearing gloves has been…

Facial Recognition and Its Limitless Applications

With the rapid popularization of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), TriCorps is leading the way in providing clients global, proactive security solutions. We believe integrated security is the true solution in reducing risk and vulnerabilities for our clients’ assets, and facial recognition is a valuable tool in achieving integrated security. Facial recognition…

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