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TriCorps’ Customer Service Training

TriCorps truly believes that quality customer service is critical to providing world-class security. We expect our officers to excel at assisting people and doing what they can to help our clients enjoy their experience. TriCorps has carefully crafted a customer service training program that helps set clear and precise expectations and provides the tools necessary for our employees to deliver outstanding customer service.

We provide quality customer service training that focuses on what quality service is, how its implemented, and how the customer service skills that we train our officers on are measured. The training is hands-on and interactive it also involves scenario training to help officers understand how to deliver quality service that is tailored to our client’s needs. Some of the topics we cover are: professionalism and appearance, attitude tips, communication standards, and how to recover in a customer service failure.

TriCorps also has a Customer Service Director dedicated to the success of this training. The Customer Service Director (CSD) will work alongside clients to ensure a pleasing experience for all staff and visitors as it relates to security. The CSD can provide training and support to ensure that the security force is knowledgeable and equipped with the proper skills to maintain a world-class customer service experience. In additon to this, we conduct regular evaluations to measure our customer service efforts.