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The Building Blocks of Report Writing

Report Writing-it is a crucial aspect of a security officer’s duties, but for some of us who have little to no experience or training in writing reports, how do we make our reports reflect the professionalism we display in every other aspect of our job? This month I have included a few foundational building blocks […]

De-Escalation Tools for Tense Situations

De-escalation refers to the process of calming down a situation or a person who is experiencing intense emotions. It can be a very effective tool in diffusing tense situations to prevent further escalation of conflict or aggression. These are the skills that are proven to assist with De-escalation:  1. Stay Calm and Professional– It can […]

Corporate Office Safety

We often associate workplace injuries with accidents in a manufacturing environment or on job sites where large equipment is used to move heavy materials. But in reality, many accidents occur in the office. As many people return to the office after two years of working remotely, office-related injuries are increasing. Office injuries vary from simple […]