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Training for 2015

I read an article several years ago that has really stuck with me regarding business philosophy. The article addressed several questions posed to ten different CEO’s about their individual business practices.  The questions varied in nature, but one young CEO was asked about his training philosophy. The interviewer asked, “I notice you spend a lot of […]


While on the job and thinking about what we would do in certain situations, I know we have all thought about walking up on a crime in progress.  We have probably all done that a time or two in our careers.  But “When/Then” thinking has to go a little beyond that when we start down […]

Never Forget

September 11, 2014.  As I began to contemplate what I wanted to write in my training column for the September addition, I had several topics that came to mind.  I arrived at my office here at TriCorps around 4:30 after teaching an Active Shooter class all day with the Highway Patrol Troopers and started to […]

Beat the Heat

As the temperature rises, so do the risks for heat-related injuries.  Please read the important information below.  The best defense to avoid over heating is prevention. Here are some prevention tips:

Training to De-Stress

The daily psychological stresses that police officers experience in their work put them at significantly higher risk than the general population for a host of long-term physical and mental health effects. That’s the overall finding of a major scientific study of the Buffalo Police Department called Buffalo Cardio-Metabolic Occupational Police Stress (BCOPS) conducted over five […]

Attackers with Abandon

I have written several training articles regarding the importance of awareness and being alert while on duty. I can’t stress enough how critical this subject is. We have always had to deal with being verbally abused, assaulted, career ending injuries, and even death while performing our duties. This is not a surprise. We all knew […]

Aware and Alert

“Minnesota teen allegedly plotted to bomb school, kill his family”  The above newspaper headline has become almost commonplace.  As a matter of fact, the FBI released a report last year that America has experienced 110 active murder events since April 20, 1999, when Harris and Klebold entered Columbine High School and carried out plans to […]

Dangerous De-Training

The article below originally appeared on Police One website in February of this year.  I think it gives us a lot to think about.  There are certainly ways we can train wrong.  Let’s all make sure we don’t fall into the mistakes made the article points out.

Task vs. Fight Focused

How many times have you found yourself shooting a course of fire and suddenly in the middle of a timed event, realize you have a slide locked to the rear and only a second or two left to get the remaining couple of rounds off? Or how about working on handcuffing drills with your partner […]

Mobile Active Shooter

I recently came across this article from LinkedIn. It reiterates several issues we have been talking about in the police/security firearms arena.  The article was considerably longer but I shortened it because it makes my point.  We talk all the time about mindset, taking the fight to the bad guy, and about knowing your equipment.  […]